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Elk Island Public Schools
Central Administration Building
683 Wye Road (map)
Sherwood Park, Alberta
T8B 1N2 

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Phone: 780-464-EIPS (3477)
Fax: 780-417-8181
Toll Free: 1-800-905-3477

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My Stop

What is My Stop?

In keeping with our objective to provide safe and efficient busing for our students, Elk Island Public Schools’ (EIPS) Student Transportation implemented a number of new features in the fall of 2012 designed to enhance student safety, one of which was My Stop.

Powered by GPS tracking devices on board all buses, the My Stop system allows parents and students to access live information by using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer to view the current location of the bus and the estimated time of arrival.

When families receive their routing information and bus passes in the mail in August, they will also receive randomly generated login information for My Stop. Before you access My Stop for the first time, please change your password to something more personal right away so it’s easier for you to remember and to protect your child’s personal information.

To change your password, you must login to Versatrans e-Link®, the system used for all transportation routing and planning in EIPS, using the randomly generated login information included with your child’s bus pass. Once you have updated your password through e-Link, this will be the new password you will use to access your child’s bus information on My Stop.

Login to Versatrans e-Link®

Each student has a unique username and password associated with his/her routing information. However, once you have logged into My Stop to view one child’s bus information, you will be able to access each other child’s information through the drop-down menu.

Login to My Stop or download the app!

If you have any trouble logging in, please contact Student Transportation:
    Phone:    780-417-8151
    Email:     Using our online contact form 

Refer to our My Stop User Manual for instructions on changing your password and using My Stop.