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Administrative Procedure 164



Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) is responsible for ensuring that each of its students is provided with an education program consistent with the requirements of the School; therefore, schools shall remain open to students during the times and dates established in school calendar(s). The Division may, however, temporarily suspend school bus services and close a school building if the health and safety of students and staff is endangered.


Strathcona Region (excluding the Hamlet of Sherwood Park and the City of Fort Saskatchewan)

Urban Region - Hamlet of Sherwood Park and City of Fort Saskatchewan

Lamont Region

Minburn Region


  1. School bus service may be suspended by the Superintendent, in consultation with the Director, Student Transportation, when at 5:00 a.m., Environment Canada reports a temperature of -40 degrees centigrade including wind chill factor, in one or more region.
  2. School bus services may also be suspended or delayed by the Superintendent, in consultation with the Director, Student Transportation, due to adverse weather or road conditions.
  3. The Director, Student Transportation shall take into account the Alberta Motor Association and/or weather office when making a recommendation to the Superintendent regarding the suspension of school bus services.
  4. Suspension of school bus services may be limited to a specific region of EIPS.
  5. Suspension of school bus services may be done on a route-by-route basis.  
  6. The Superintendent, in consultation with the Director, Student Transportation, shall make a decision regarding school bus suspension by 5:30 a.m. (or the previous night if conditions make it obvious that service will be suspended the following day).
  7. When school bus services are suspended by the Superintendent, schools shall remain open to students.  
  8. If unsafe road conditions occur, the Director, Student Transportation, in consultation with the bus operator, has the discretionary power to decide not to operate or to abandon completion of the morning route by returning students to their homes. Student Transportation staff must ensure students have adequate access to residences.
  9. When weather or road conditions deteriorate during the day, the Director, Student Transportation may authorize individual or all buses to leave school prior to regular dismissal time.
  10. Should weather conditions be extreme or deteriorate during the day in a particular region/area, the Principal, in consultation with the Superintendent, may close the school to all students and staff.
  11. The Principal, staff and school bus operators shall take steps to ensure students arrive home safely when they are dismissed earlier. This includes attempts to contact parents/guardians/emergency contacts to ensure students have adequate access to residences. In remote areas, where parents cannot be contacted, students shall be kept at the school.
  12. Bus operators are to hold themselves in readiness for service in cases of pending extreme conditions.
  13. Parents and school bus operators shall be advised annually of the procedures used for the suspension of school bus service.

  14. Student Transportation staff shall contact all parents, Principals and bus contractors by automated phone message to announce any suspension of bus service.
  15. Student Transportation staff shall update the bus status notice on all school and division websites.
  16. Communication Services shall advise the media of the Superintendent's decision.
  17. Communication Services shall notify the subfinder secretary to advise all assigned substitutes of any school closure.
  18. Communication Services shall compose an appropriate  message for the Central switchboard (780-464-3477), StaffConnect, and the EIPS website.
  19. All such messages will be posted by 6:30 a.m.

  20. For the safety of students, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure:
    1. their children are suitably dressed for weather conditions
    2. arrangements have been made for alternate shelter for their child if no one is home.
  21. On days when school bus services are suspended due to inclement weather or hazardous road conditions, parents who have brought their children to school will be responsible for picking up their children.
  22. On scheduled diploma examination dates, students who arrive at school shall be allowed to write the examination.

  23. Staff members are expected to report to work, even when bus service is suspended.
  24. In the event that road and/or weather conditions are extreme, the Superintendent may authorize that staff are not to report to work. For safety purposes, the Principal shall ensure some staff are at the school to temporarily accommodate students who report to school.
  25. Emergency situations which may result in a staff member being absent due to extreme or severe weather conditions are further addressed in Administrative Procedure 417, Employee Leaves of Absence.


Sections 56, 57, 60, School Act

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