Sherwood Park, AB. — Representatives of the media, families and community members are invited to join staff and students at Ardrossan Elementary to take part in the school’s Winter Carnaval on March 22.

Inspired by Carnaval de Quebec, Ardrossan Elementary’s Winter Carnaval is an annual event the school puts on to celebrate French-Canadian heritage. Through a host of activities, students experience first-hand various francophone traditions. Some of this year’s highlights: sleigh rides; a musical performance by Franco-Albertan musician, Roger Dallaire; and a food tasting with traditional French cuisines such as crepes and tire d’érable—hot maple syrup drizzled and hardened on snow. “It’s fun and something I look forward to every year,” says Ella, a Grade 5 student at Ardrossan Elementary. “My favourite part of Carnaval is eating all of the crepes, they’re really good.”

The school’s Winter Carnaval also overlaps with the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie, a festival celebrated nationwide to honour the French language and francophone culture. To commemorate the festival, Ardrossan Elementary has organized several corresponding events for students including a Franco-Alberta Flag-Raising Ceremony, a fleur-de-lys art project, lesson plans around French idioms and a French-themed photo booth. The school also participated in International Francophonie Day on March 20—an annual event celebrated around the globe aimed at promoting the French language and francophone culture.

“By participating in these kinds of celebrations, students have the opportunity to better appreciate and embrace our province’s rich French heritage and the vibrant French language,” says Helene Hewitt, the assistant principal at Ardrossan Elementary. “We are a Leader-In-Me school so these kinds of events are an opportunity to show students the importance of the French language and its significance to our province and country—now, and in the future.”

Representatives of the media are invited to join staff and students at Ardrossan Elementary during its Winter Carnaval to learn more about the event and Rendez-vous de la Francophonie.

Event Details:
Date: March 22, 2018
Time: 12:30 p.m.
Location: Ardrossan Elementary, 53131 Range Road 222; Ardrossan


NOTE: Principals have the responsibility to limit media coverage only to students approved for interviews. Reporters attending the event are requested to receive permission from a school EIPS representative before interviewing or photographing students. Thank you for your co-operation, and for joining us.



For more information contact:
Helene Hewitt, assistant principal, Ardrossan Elementary 780-922-2066
Laura McNabb, director, Communication Services, EIPS 780-417-8204 cell 780-405-4902