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Elk Island Public Schools
Central Administration Building
683 Wye Road (map)
Sherwood Park, Alberta
T8B 1N2 

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Phone: 780-464-EIPS (3477)
Fax: 780-417-8181
Toll Free: 1-800-905-3477

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Combined Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report 2015

Existing Substitutes

Substitute Handbooks 2015 2016

(updated November 27, 2015 to change HR Director information; created July 31, 2015)
Click on link to view the Classified Substitute Handbook 2015-2016 (excerpt) or Substitute Teacher Handbook 2015-2016 (excerpt).

Monograph - Substitute Teachers: Professional Replacements

(created October 8/15)
Information purposes only.
Click on the link if you want to view the monograph entitled Substitute Teachers: Professional Replacements-Integration into the School System, which is published by the ATA.

Anaphylaxis - All Substitutes Mandatory Annual Training

(updated August 20, 2015, created June 2, 2014)

All substitutes are to have completed Steps 1 & 2, prior to taking their first substitute shift. 
Step 1:  Annually - All substitutes must view the following 15 minute Anaphylaxis online webinar (click URL to open: ).
Step 2:  (do not do this step unless you are asked to do so by Ginette) - Complete, sign and return the Anaphylaxis Training Confirmation Form to Human Resources .

The following are for information purposes only:
Anaphylaxis Frequently Asked Questions
SAMPLE School Asthma, Allergy and Anaphylaxis Plan
SAMPLE Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan Form

Pay Day / Pay Periods

(Updated  August 17, 2015)
Refer to the following schedules for a list of upcoming pay periods.


PowerSchool Attendance - Substitute Teacher Mandatory Responsibility

(Updated June 9, 2015, Created September 30, 2014)
It is mandatory that Substitute Teachers do attendance in a timely manner, based on the instructions provided by the General Office at check in.  If the attendance instructions involve PowerSchool then a temporary password will be provided at check in, then do the following:
Step 1: log into the school computer, using your personal Network user name and password
Step 2: log into PowerSchool Sub Login screen, using the school's temporary PowerSchool password, as per the  PowerSchool Log In For Substitute Teachers document

Substitute Teacher Adm. Procedure 414

(Updated June 2/15; Posted February 21/12)

Important Reminder:  Substitute Teachers are to follow Procedure 3, 3.14 (also noted in the Substitute Teacher Handbook): Arriving at the school in sufficient time to prepare for the day's assignment – minimum of 15 minutes before the school starts and 15 minutes after school ends

Review all of the Administrative Procedure 414 - Responsibilities of Substitute Teachers.

Pay Statements and T4s

(Updated June 2, 2015)

Pay Statements
Effective September 1, 2014 paper pay statements will no longer be provided. If you have problems logging into your new EIPS Account (accessing Employee Self Service, Network, Email and Staff Connect) please contact the EIPS Technology Services Help Desk at 780-417-8232.

Please log in to Employee Self Service to view/print. Instructions are available by clicking Accessing Your Pay Statement, at any school site or contact your Payroll Contact (contact details are at the bottom of the Existing Substitutes Bulletins page).

T4s are now available on Employee Self Service and you can print your copy from the server. See the Pay Statement details below to learn how to sign on.  Please note that you may have more than one T4 for a particulat year, if during the year you have changed from a temporary/casual position to a permanent position or vice versa, or if you have more than one employee number (work on both certificated and classified pay types).  If you have two employee numbers you need to access ESS for both numbers.  Contact your Payroll Contact if you require more information (contact details are at the bottom of the Existing Substitutes Bulletins page).

(Updated Feb 9, 2015, Sept 24, 2014, Created August 28, 2014)

Upgraded Call Menu (Phone Path)

(Created April 7, 2015)

New Call Menus/Phone Path for outbound calls will sound like:

“Hello, I am calling for … … if you are interested in a job, press 1 now.”
-“To prevent further calls for this calling period, press star.”
-“To remove this number from the calling list, press pound.”

Pressing 1 will play the following:
-“I am calling on behalf of Elk Island Public Schools.”
-“Please enter your PIN, then press pound.”
After the substitute enters their PIN, the system will go on to read the details of the assignment, including the name of the employee and school, and give the substitute the opportunity to accept the assignment.

Jobs Unlocked on the Web

(Created April 7, 2015)
Currently, jobs are “locked” online while the SubFinder system is calling out for available jobs. This setup means that proactive substitutes cannot see jobs on the web while the system is calling out. With the new upgrade, jobs will now be available simultaneously online while the system is calling until the job is filled.

Tips for Using Phone Version of SubFinder

(created: February 4, 2015)
Please click to open Tips for using Phone Version of SubFinder - Substitutes.

Important Parking Notice for Salisbury Composite High

(created December 17/14)
Due to Centre in the Park development, Salisbury parking stalls will be in high demand effective January 1, 2015. Substitutes must park in their assigned stall, or contact the school (780-467-8816) for a stall number, and may not use student parking.  Please register your vehicle information upon check-in.

Mandatory Action Required by EIPS Substitutes - New Access Codes

(Updated September 30, 2014 to attach Network & Webmail Sign In Process; Created September 9, 2014)
Be advised you now have an EIPS account to access Self Service, Network, Email/Outlook, Staff Connect and PD Place. 
Prior to working your next shift call EIPS Technology Services Help Desk at 780-417-8232 to get a password.
For more information on how to sign in please click on the following Network and Webmail Sign In Process document.

Directions to Schools

(Updated Fultonvale directions on August 27, 2014 , created 2012)
Refer to the maps in the Boundaries section of our website and/or download Subfinder - Directions to Schools to certain schools in our division.  Click to open the School Lists and Principals 2014 2015 (Substitute Use).

School Closure Dates

(Updated August 2015)

Refer to the latest system calendar(s) for the Division Calendar 2014 - 2015 and Alternative Christian Calendar 2014-2015 to view the school closure dates in the 2014/2015 school year.

Technology Skills

(Created:  June 16, 2014)
Technology is an integral part of learning in all classrooms.  Please ensure that you remain
current with your technology skills.

EIPS does not reimburse substitutes any course related costs.

Click on Technology Skills Information Page for more details.

Multiple Day Jobs

(Created:  April 25/14)
One SubFinder job number may include multiple days for a substitute to work.  Do not assume that all substitute SubFinder Jobs are for only one day or a half day.  You can review jobs via the SubFinder phone system (Current Jobs option) or online (Current Jobs button & Personal Information, Schedule tab).  If you have any questions about a future job please contact the employee.

Last-minute Callouts

(Updated April 25, 2014)

When making a last-minute callout on the same day as a job start date/time, please refer to the last-minute substitute shift guidelines.

SubFinder Access

(Updated October 17, 2103; created May 24, 2013)
The EIPS substitute is the only one meant to access their SubFinder profile. Please do not share your user name &/or password with family members or others since whatever selection is made, while signed into the system, will be the employee's responsibility.
SubFinder system can be accessed via phone and online.

Casual Employee/Classified Substitutes in Temporary Positions

(Updated: September 23, 2013)
In order for Human Resources to assist you in obtaining employment promptly once your temporary assignment has ended, please refer to these instructions Casual Employee & Classified Substitutes in Temporary Positions .

Answering Classroom Phones

(created March 25, 2013)
When classroom phones ring, please answer and state who you are working for (if known) and your name.
EG.  Hello, this is Mrs. Smith's room and I am Mr. Dunn, her substitute teacher. How may I help you?

Email Notification - SubFinder Jobs

(created January 17/13)
The SubFinder system will email the EIPS substitute a notice, click on link for more instructions:  Email Notifications for Substitutes

Teacher (Certificated) Substitutes - Time Sheet Changes

(created November 23/12)
Attention:  All EIPS Teacher (Certificated) Substitutes
Please view the Certificated Substitute Time Sheet Notice to learn about the changes taking effective December 11, 2012.

Supervising Students with Special Needs

(Posted October 29, 2012)
All EIPS Substitutes are required to follow the procedures included in the Special Education Bus Procedures document.

Classified Substitute Time Sheet Information

(Updated September 18, 2012)

  • Time sheets do not require a Principal/representative signature.
  • Classified substitutes who work multiple positions at a school (example: Educational Assistant, Noon Supervisor, Before/After School Care Worker, etc.) will need to complete a separate time sheet for their hours worked as a classified substitute.

Important: Check past, same day or future jobs in your SubFinder Substitute profile online. Same day and future jobs can also be heard by calling in to the SubFinder phone system.

Unavailable versus Do Not Disturb Date Range Input

(Updated June 15, 2012)

Many substitutes enter a Do Not Disturb (DND) date range when it should be the Unavailable date range.
-  Unavailable = not able to work at a site for a certain date/time range
-  Do Not Disturb (DND) = can work in future but not able to answer the phone for a certain date/times range for reasons such as driving to work/working in the morning but want to possibly work in the afternoon of the same day, out of town, at the movies.

In your SubFinder substitute profile (DND/Unavailable tab) online you can choose to view the TUTORIAL (green button on left of screen), do the following to input your absence:

1. Click: Current Jobs, to view your Current Jobs prior to inputting the date range absence.
2. Click:  DND/Unavailable, SubFinder will provide you with the options to add a new record and review/edit existing records.
3. To add a new event, click:  Add Record

SubFinder will display the Add DND/Unavailable Record screen, at this time select the drop down box and change the Do Not
Disturb to Unavailable, or leave as Do Not Disturb if applicable.

4.DND and Unavailable records can be added for a portion of a day, a single day, or a date range. Furthermore, when specifying a date range, you can add a record for the same times every day (i.e. 5:00 am until 6:30 am) or indicate that the record should cover the entire period. Simply enter the Type, Start and End Dates and Time, and the Coverage.
5.  Click:  Add Record to save the record and return to the initial DND/Unavailable screen with a message indicating success.
6.  You can also review any DND or Unavailable records that have already been entered. To review records, enter the Start and End Dates and click: Review Records
7.  A screen will appear with any DND or Unavailable records for the specified date range. Depending upon the dates and time for each record, you may be you may be able to edit and/or delete the entry by clicking on the appropriate record’s Edit or Delete button.

Phone System

(Updated May 20, 2011)

The number appearing on your call display, when the Employee Absence Reporting & SubFinder system calls you, appears as 570-651-4588 and in some instances might show the word Pennsylvania

Appropriate Attire

(Updated May 30, 2011)

There are times when Employee Absence Reporting & SubFinder jobs are entered without detailed special instructions. See Attire (Substitutes) for important information.

Online Applications for Certificated Substitutes

(Updated January 21, 2011)

To All Certificated Substitutes:
If you are applying for a teaching position at Elk Island Public Schools, please ensure you have uploaded all of your documentation (including optional documents) onto your online profile. As well, fully complete your teacher application. These documents are forwarded electronically to the hiring manager for consideration when creating short lists. Limited documentation does not provide the hiring manager with a true picture of your training, skills and background.

Employee Absence Reporting & Subfinder System

(August 2010)

To access the Employee Absence Reporting & Subfinder system, visit

EIPS' Payroll Contacts for Substitutes

Teacher Substitutes:
Gerry O'Brien (780-417-8217 or ) - Surnames beginning with A-M
Raenu Gill (780-417-8215 or ) - Surnames beginning with N-Z

Classified Substitutes:
Dana Bruneau (780-417-8214 or
Sally Emmerton (780-417-8216 or )