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Elk Island Public Schools
Central Administration Building
683 Wye Road
Sherwood Park, Alberta
T8B 1N2

Phone: 780-464-EIPS (3477)
Fax: 780-417-8181
Toll Free: 1-800-905-3477

Note: All EIPS' staff email addresses use the following format:

Central Services Office Hours:
Open Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Student Transportation Office Hours:
Open Monday to Friday (school days only)
7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Student Transportation is closed on all statutory holidays as well as the following non-instructional days for the 2013/2014 school year:

  • November 1
  • November 11-15
  • December 23-January 3
  • February 6-7
  • March 7
  • March 28-April 4

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Existing Substitutes

T4 Mail Out February 11, 2014

(Created March 10, 2014)

The 2013 T4's were mailed on Tuesday, February 11, 2014. You may receive two T4's and
you must use both when completing your tax return. The reasons for two T4's
could be because you have two employee numbers or you changed positions during
2013 from temporary or casual to a permanent position (or vice versa).

Please contact your Payroll Officer if you have any concerns (contact information
posted at the bottom of this web page).

SubFinder Access

(Updated October 17, 2103; created May 24, 2013)
The EIPS substitute is the only one meant to access their SubFinder profile. Please do not share your user name &/or password with family members or others since whatever selection is made, while signed into the system, will be the employee's responsibility.
SubFinder system can be accessed via phone and online.

Casual Employee/Classified Substitutes in Temporary Positions

(Updated: September 23, 2013)
In order for Human Resources to assist you in obtaining employment promptly once your temporary assignment has ended, please refer to these instructions Casual Employee & Classified Substitutes in Temporary Positions .

School Additions/Removals 2013-2014

(updated September 9, 2013 to change Fort Sask Elementary to read as Fort Saskatchewan Junior High, created August 20, 2013)


Colchester Elementary
Fort Saskatchewan Junior High
École Rudolph Hennig (K-9)


École Parc Élémentaire (K-6)
9607 Sherridon Drive, Fort Saskatchewan T8L 1W5
Principal:  Nancy Luyckfassel

Rudolph Hennig Junior High (7-9)
9512 - 92 Street, Fort Saskatchewan T8L 1L7
Principal:  Joe Clark

Pay Day / Pay Periods

(Updated August 20, 2013)
Refer to the following schedules for a list of upcoming pay periods.

School Closure Dates

(Updated August 20, 2013)

Refer to the latest system calendar(s) for the Division Calendar 2013 - 2014 and Alternative Christian Calendar 2013-2014 to view the school closure dates in the 2013/2014 school year.

Answering Classroom Phones

(created March 25, 2013)
When classroom phones ring, please answer and state who you are working for (if known) and your name.
EG.  Hello, this is Mrs. Smith's room and I am Mr. Dunn, her substitute teacher. How may I help you?

Directions to Schools

(Updated March 5, 2013)
Refer to the maps in the Boundaries section of our website and/or download Subfinder - Directions to Schools to certain schools in our division.

Email Notification - SubFinder Jobs

(created January 17/13)
The SubFinder system will email the EIPS substitute a notice when:

PREARRANGED for a shift.  The SubFinder system will not call the substitute to confirm.  This type of job is created by the employee when the substitute has been directly contacted by an employee to work a shift.  The system will also send an email reminder notice 5 days prior to a prearranged job.

REQUESTED to work a shift.  The SubFinder job will need to be accepted by the requested substitute using the online system or the phone system (if the substitutes is not able to work the job then rejecting the job and inputting an unavailable date range in a timely manner would be appreciated). The SubFinder system will only call the substitute during the regular call out times if the job starts within 100 days. 
-  If the job is input outside of the 100 days then the substitute is to call into the SubFinder system and accept or reject the job via the phone system only
-  If the job is input within 12 hours of the shift starting then the system will attempt to call the REQUESTED substitute (during the normal call out period) and if the substitute does not answer the phone the system on the first call, then it will call the next available substitute, since the job needs to be filled in a timely manner.

CANCELLED from a shift.  The system will email the substitute.  The administrator may requests that the system calls the substitute.  The substitute should review their current jobs online or using the phone system, just in case the administrator canceled a job in error and input a new job as Requested or Prearranged.

Teacher (Certificated) Substitutes - Time Sheet Changes

(created November 23/12)
Attention:  All EIPS Teacher (Certificated) Substitutes
Please view the Certificated Substitute Time Sheet Notice to learn about the changes taking effective December 11, 2012.

Supervising Students with Special Needs

(Posted October 29, 2012)
All EIPS Substitutes are required to follow the procedures included in the Special Education Bus Procedures document.

Classified Substitute Time Sheet Information

(Updated September 18, 2012)

  • Time sheets do not require a Principal/representative signature.
  • Classified substitutes who work multiple positions at a school (example: Educational Assistant, Noon Supervisor, Before/After School Care Worker, etc.) will need to complete a separate time sheet for their hours worked as a classified substitute.

Important: Check past, same day or future jobs in your SubFinder Substitute profile online. Same day and future jobs can also be heard by calling in to the SubFinder phone system.

Unavailable versus Do Not Disturb Date Range Input

(Updated June 15, 2012) Click on the following link:  Unavailable Versus Do Not Disturb Input in SubFinder

SMART Boards for Beginners

(Updated May 15, 2012)

For information purposes only, Elk Island Public Schools does not reimburse costs to substitutes associated with any courses taken.
Are you interested in learning SmartBoard basics? Check Smart Boards for Beginners, an in-service being offered through the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium (ERLC).
You may want to check for other PD opportunities.

Substitute Teacher Administrative Procedure 414

(Posted February 21/12)

Attn: Substitute Teachers
Please review the Administrative Procedure 414 - Responsibilities of Substitute Teachers.
Example of change:
Point 4.14 Arriving at the school in sufficient time to prepare for the day's assignment – minimum of 15 minutes before the school starts and 15 minutes after school ends.

Last-minute Callouts

(Updated August 19, 2010)

When making a last-minute callout on the same day as a job start date/time, please refer to the last-minute substitute shift guidelines.

Phone System

(Updated May 20, 2011)

The number appearing on your call display, when the Employee Absence Reporting & SubFinder system calls you, appears as 570-651-4588 and in some instances might show the word Pennsylvania

Appropriate Attire

(Updated May 30, 2011)

There are times when Employee Absence Reporting & SubFinder jobs are entered without detailed special instructions. See Attire (Substitutes) for important information.

Employee Absence Reporting & Subfinder System

(August 2010)

To access the Employee Absence Reporting & Subfinder system, visit

Online Applications for Certificated Substitutes

(Updated January 21, 2011)

To All Certificated Substitutes:
If you are applying for a teaching position at Elk Island Public Schools, please ensure you have uploaded all of your documentation (including optional documents) onto your online profile. As well, fully complete your teacher application. These documents are forwarded electronically to the hiring manager for consideration when creating short lists. Limited documentation does not provide the hiring manager with a true picture of your training, skills and background.

EIPS' Payroll Contacts for Substitutes

Teacher Substitutes:
Gerry O'Brien (780-417-8217 or - Surnames beginning with A-M
Raenu Gill (780-417-8215 or ) - Surnames beginning with N-Z

Classified Substitutes:
Dana Bruneau (780-417-8214 or
Sally Emmerton (780-417-8216 or