Around the Division

COIVD-19 has presented many challenges throughout EIPS, including the cancellation of out-of-school learning experiences, like field trips, for students. Schools have been creative in ensuring students do not miss out, however. Partnering with Métis Crossing, Lamont Elementary welcomed knowledge holder Krista Leddy via a virtual learning session. Grade 5 students learned about the history and significance of Métis Crossing, and they were introduced to the art of finger weaving. Students all created a weaved piece of their own while practicing patience and resilience needed to be successful at this traditional Métis art form.

Upcoming Events

  • Each EIPS school has a lead teacher who works hard to support First Nations, Métis and Inuit education within their school community. In June, all leads will gather together within COVID-safe parameters to reflect on the good work done this school year. They'll also collaborate on plans to continue building foundational knowledge, supporting students and fostering relationships throughout the upcoming school year.  
  • June is Indigenous Peoples’ History Month. Why is it important? Read more about the month and watch a video to learn more. 
  • National Indigenous Peoples Day will be celebrated throughout EIPS on June 21. Schools are busy planning outdoor learning experiences, in-school learning displays, fun foundational knowledge contests and more.

Resources of Interest

How familiar are you with the Indian Act? The Sixties Scoop? The Pass System? Treaty relationships? Forced relocations? Below are a small selection of books that are good entry points of exploration into concepts of Indigenous/non-Indigenous relations, histories and contemporary realities in Canada. These books aim to address common misconceptions, spark curiosity and foster conversation. Enjoy!

Indigenous Writes by Chelsea Vowel
Peace Pipe Dreams by Darrell Dennis
Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King
Clearing the Plains by James Daschuk
21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act by Bob Joseph