“Since the passage of Bill 15 almost two years ago, Elk Island Public Schools Board of Trustees has been emphatic in stating the best education for Alberta students remains one they receive through a well-funded, well-supported public education system.

“The investment of tax dollars in public education has paid dividends in many forms—including hundreds of thousands of highly skilled workers, innovative entrepreneurs and leaders who have contributed to our communities by way of leading-edge research and development in myriad sectors. With the diversion of much-needed funding from the public system to support charter schools, the ability of public school providers to offer viable, sustainable and equitable learning opportunities is slowly eroded.

“EIPS, and public school divisions throughout the province, consistently deliver a broad range of programming options for students of varied backgrounds and interests. From specialized languages and faith-based programs to advanced academic opportunities and competitive sports to specialized supports and continuing education, students within the Division have the opportunity to push past their limits and find meaningful ways to contribute to and enhance their communities.

“EIPS schools are diverse, inclusive and welcoming to all students. Our programs are based on sound current pedagogy and are delivered by expert, certified teachers who embrace and nurture a culture of lifelong learning. Additionally, oversight and guidance are provided by locally elected trustees, who, in turn, are accountable to the constituents in the communities they serve.

“It’s critical the strong foundations of Alberta’s public schools are respected and maintained, and taxpayer dollars are used to support the system that best serves the interests of the majority of students. Diluting resources to alternative educational institutions—without a mandate for inclusivity and public accountability—weakens Alberta’s overall capacity to grow, thrive and prosper for years to come.”

     – Trina Boymook, Board Chair, Elk Island Public Schools



For more information contact:
Laura McNabb, director, Communication Services, EIPS 780-417-8204 cell 780-405-4902