Davidson Creek Elementary students learn about the works of artist Alex Janvier

Davidson Creek Elementary students learn about the works of artist Alex Janvier

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Art as a Medium to Learn Language
First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education team member, Harlee McArthur, works with small groups of First Nations students across the Division who are curious to learn about language. Students are learning the Cree names for animals local to amiskwaciy and are creating beautiful art pieces to remember what they’ve learned.

Art as a Medium to Increase Cultural Understanding
Davidson Creek Elementary teacher, Rebecca Coates, and her Grade 6 students were curious to learn more about the works of artist Alex Janvier, Denesuline and member of Cold Lake First Nation. After reaching out to Alex Janiver’s gallery and getting permission, the students learned more about Mr. Janvier, his story and his distinctive art style. Mrs. Coates continues to be curious with her students and increase their learning about First Nations, Métis and Inuit histories, perspectives and cultures through a variety of learning experiences and projects.

Davidson Creek’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education lead teacher, Amy Wait, has also been exploring the traditional art form of beading with a group of students. Thirteen students from kindergarten to Grade 6 completed beading projects, creating beautiful beaded pieces such as pins, earrings, necklaces and keychains. First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education team member, Cheryl Devin, spent time sharing stories and basic stitches prior to them beginning their own beading projects. Students also learned the delicious art of bannock making as well as the history and importance of bannock. The students then got to make and eat bannock with jam. They loved it!

Upcoming Events

Indigenous Language Survey

  • ​2022 marks the beginning of the Decade of Indigenous Languages as declared by The United Nations General Assembly. The First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education team would like to begin gathering information that informs us on how to move forward with language learning opportunities for EIPS students and families.
  • We invite families to complete a short, online survey as one of our first steps in envisioning what language learning can look like in our Division.
  • We’re excited to think of the possibilities for students and families and thank you in advance for your input and ideas.
  • Thank you also to the family members in our January and February virtual gathering for sharing their wishes for Indigenous language opportunities.

Elderbeary Day - March 20

  • Elderbeary Day honours and celebrates the contributions of our Elders

Resources of Interest

  • Want to learn more about Alex Janvier and his art?  Check out his website or watch this short video featuring his work at Rexall Place.

  • Find out more about Métis beadwork and try a yummy bannock recipe with these Culture Cards series from the Métis Nation of Alberta or this Culture and Traditions foundational knowledge ebook from Rupertsland Institute.

  • Are you interested in learning an Indigenous language?  Here are some possible sources.