SouthPointe School welcomes Métis artist and knowledge keeper Connie Kulhavy

SouthPointe School welcomes Métis artist and knowledge keeper Connie Kulhavy

Throughout the year, a number of EIPS schools have welcomed Métis artist and knowledge keeper Connie Kulhavy to work with students and staff. Thank you, Connie, for sharing your knowledge and talents with us!


“During the week of April 19-22, École Campbelltown had the pleasure of hosting Métis artist Connie Kulhavy as our artist-in-residence. As an artist, beader and knowledge keeper, Connie spent time with each class sharing teachings, stories and Métis culture. In the end, two beautiful pieces of artwork were created showcasing birch trees and pointillism. 

Our final pieces were created entirely by our students. Class 5/6K began in designing the layout, placement and painting of the birch trees, while class 6R chose the colours and painted the background. Then, during each class’ visit with Connie, every student was able to paint a heart and add their own pointillism design to represent Métis beadwork and connect to the earth. Some students chose the Métis five petal prairie rose while others created their own flowers and trees. In the end, we created something special that each student in the school contributed to in some way.”

   - Miranda Kulhavy, lead teacher École Campbelltown


“SouthPointe School was honoured to have the presence and teachings of Métis artist and knowledge keeper Connie Kulhavy for the week of April 4-8.  Together, our school community, along with the guidance of Connie, created a mural that reflects the lands of Fort Saskatchewan. Every community member was able to create, through the medium of acrylic paint, a wooden disc that reflects their connection to this place and place it on the mural. Our community of Fort Saskatchewan came to be because of the North Saskatchewan river and the plants, animals and opportunities the river provided and continues to provide to the life that surrounds it. Connie’s teachings further rooted our staff and students in understanding and valuing the importance of the lands, waters and plants of this area through the perspective of Métis Ways of Being and Knowing. She also spoke of the importance of giving back and caring for the river and land so it continues to care for us.

The mural will be hung in the school as a reflection of our commitment to continued understanding and connection to the land. We’re grateful to Connie. Maarsii Connie!”

   - Kim Zapesocki, lead teacher SouthPointe School


“This fall, we were fortunate to have Connie Kulhavy come be our artist-in-residence for Métis Week. Connie spent a week at the school leading a school-wide art project. Connie shared stories of Métis culture and history with students, as well as many examples of different Métis art forms. For the art project, students painted a mural with Connie’s guidance that will be displayed outdoors, alongside the Indigenous outdoor learning space at the front of the school. 

Connie will also be returning to Win Ferguson Elementary in June to do a beading workshop with staff. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Connie as we deepen our understanding of Métis culture."

   - Karin Brassard, lead teacher Win Ferguson Elementary